Setup V3 Nuxt JS App

Today, we will setup the nuxt.js v3 project using npx and npm command.


If you already have Node.js installed, check with node --version that you are using version 14.16 or above 16.11.

Check Node JS Version

node --version
npx --version
npm --version

Node.js installed or not

Step 1: Create app

npx nuxi init nuxt-app-v3

Nuxt JS V3 Create App Install Nuxi

If you are using Nuxt JS v3 first time then, it will ask you to install nuxi library.

Nuxt JS V3 Create App

Step 2: Install Dependencies

cd nuxt-app-v3 (project-name)
npm install

Install node dependencies

Step 3: Run Dev Server

npm run dev

Run Nuxt v3 dev server

Step 4: Open the URL

Visit http://localhost:3000/

Nuxt JS V2 Project

Project structure

NuxtJS project structure

Soure Code: Github Repo

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