Setup Nuxt JS App

Today, we will setup the nuxt.js v2 project using npx and npm command.


  • Node.js should be installed in your system or if not installed then setup first Node.js.
  • Download one code editor to write the code, VS Code. Also install Vetur code extension that will help in different ways while coding.

Check Node Installed or Not in your system

node --version
npx --version
npm --version

Node.js installed or not

Step 1: Create app

Create Nuxt App using npx command

npx create-nuxt-app <project-name>


Create Nuxt App using npm command

npm init nuxt-app <project-name>

Step 2: Select optons

After running the above command It will ask you some questions like: name, Nuxt options, UI framework, TypeScript, linter, testing framework, etc.

Nuxt app options

Some of the important options, we are highlighting below.

Step 2.1: Choose rendering options

In Nuxt we have two options for the rendering. One is universal and second is single page. In this tutorial we are selecting universal one.

Nuxt Rendering option

Step 2.2: Choose Deployment mode

Nuxt provides two deployment mode - Server and Static, In this tutorial we are selecting server that will use node.js server

Nuxt Deployment mode option

Step 2.3: Choose CI Integration

If you are going use CI/CD pipeline for the code deployment then you choose the respective CI pipeline from the options, but for now we are selecting None.

Nuxt CI pipeline option

Step 2.4: Choose Version Control System

If you are going use any version control system to maintain the code like (GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab), then you should choose the Git option. Otherwise choose None

Nuxt Version Control System Option

Step 2.5: Done, It will create a project for you and install all the dependencies.

Nuxt installing

Step 3: Nuxt App Setup Successfully

npm run dev

Step 4: Run Dev Server

cd nuxt-app (project-name)
npm run dev

Nuxt dev server

Step 5: Open the URL

Visit http://localhost:3000/

Nuxt project

Project structure

NuxtJS project structure

Soure Code: Github Repo

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