What are the rules of money?

  1. Use money as Leverage ,
  2. Money can buy Freedom ,
  3. Money can buy time ,
  4. Money can buy peace ,
  5. Don’t be a slave to money,
  6. Money doesn’t change people, it only brings out their true nature,
  7. Always have an emergency fund,
  8. Build systems to make money passively,
  9. Saving & Investing a significant percentage of your income & gradually increasing it as you earn more is an art ,
  10. Money is only a tool . It’ll take you wherever you wish,
  11. Be frugal with your spending . Carefully calculate the cost vs benefit of all purchases,
  12. Track your income, expenses ,& net worth on a regular basis,
  13. Being debt free feels better,
  14. Everybody wants the money, nobody wants to do the hard work,
  15. Just Chill.!!

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