Professional Email Sentences

Situation Normal Way Professional Way
Took a while but you can deal Sorry for the delay Thanks for your patience
My schedule matters too What works best for you? Could you do….?
Yeah. You are welcome No problem/No Worries Always happy to help
I know what I’m doing I think maybe we should.. It’d best if we ..
Wording this is hard Rewriting email for 40 minutes It’d be easier to discuss in person
Do you get it? Hopefully that make sense? Let me know if you have questions
Where the heck are we on this? Just wanted to check in When can I expect an update
I made a small error Ahh sorry! My bad totally missed that Nice Catch! Updated. Thanks for letting me know
I have an appoinment Could I possibly leave early? I will need to leave for … at …
We’re Working To A Tight Deadline The deadline for this is tomorrow, around … When do you think can you get this done?

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