Formal and Informal Words

Informal Formal
Also in Addition
Ask Enquire
At first Initially
At once Immediately
Avoid Evade
Boss Employer
Buy Purchase
Call off Cancel
Call on Visit
Catch up Understand
Cheap Inexpensive
Childish Immature
Choose Select
Climb Ascend
Check Verify
Dad Father
Deal with Manage
Death Demise
Dim Indistinct
Ease Facilitate
End Finish
Enough Sufficient
Femished Hungry
Fill in Substitute
Find out Discover
Free Release
Friendly Amiable
Get Receive/Obtain
Get away Elude
Get by Survive
Give Donate
Go Leave/Depart
Good Positive
Go Ahead Proceed
Go Down Decrease
Go through Examine
Good Looking Attractive
Happy Pleased
Help Assist
Here Present
Hit out at Criticise
Hungary Famished
Hurry Haste
Idea Notion
Imagine Envisage
In the end Finally
Iron out Solve/Overcome
Keep Retain
Kidding Jesting
Leave out Omit
Live Reside
Lively Energetic
Look into Investigate
Lucky Fortunate
Mainly Principally
Marvelous Exceptional
Maybe Perhaps
Mend Repair
Need Require/Request
Next Subsequently
On and Off Intermittently
Over At an end
Point out Indicate
Put in Insert
Pick up Collect
Pin Down Determine
Rack up Accumulate
Really Big Considerable
Remove Eliminate
Right Correct
Say Express
Say no Reject
See Observe
Seem Appear
Shorten Decrease
Show Demonstrate
Sick Ill
Sight Vision
Speed up Accelerate
Stop Cease
Start/Begin Commence
Tell Inform
So Therefore
Try Endeavour
Try out Test
Use Utilise/Consume
Want/Hope Desire/ Wish for
Whole Entire
Worse Inferior

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